1oom is a Master of Orion (1993) game engine recreation. 1oom is Free Software (GPLv2).

1oom requires a copy of the Master of Orion (v1.3) LBX files.

Files and such

Source code: GitLab

git clone https://gitlab.com/KilgoreTroutMaskReplicant/1oom.git
Binaries and tarball available here. Latest development builds available here.




The game is fully playable but buggy. Some nifty new features are available.

Operating systems:


Help wanted

Bugs, patches etc

Please report any bugs (or "issues") over at the GitLab project page (or email if you insist). Please mention which version you were using. Best way to do it is to copy/paste the line with the version from 1oom_log.txt. Please include the 1oom_save8.bin file (undo save) in your report unless the bug is not related to the actual game. Also consider including 1oom_log.txt if you think it is relevant to the bug in question.

Patches are also accepted via email.

git format-patch master
zip -9 my_patch.zip 000*patch 1oom_save8.bin



Q: Why should I use this instead of v1.3?
A: There are some UI, game and customizable differences you may be interested in.

Q: I use Windows. How do I install this?
A: Extract the zip somewhere and copy your MOO1 LBX files there. Then run 1oom_classic_sdl1 (or _sdl2, whichever works better for you).

Q: The game crashed or did something weird. What do I do?
A: First make a copy of 1oom_log.txt and 1oom_save8.bin. If you click Next turn again then 1oom_save8.bin is overwritten and the bug may be lost. You can hunt for the save in the OS specific directory or run 1oom_saveconv -o 1 8 backup_save.bin
Try to get it to misbehave again by loading the backup save; if it does, please report the bug.

Q: The game won't misbehave again.
A: If you have trouble reproducing the bug, try 1oom_classic_sdl1 -load backup_save.bin -nextturn

Q: cmdline... ?
A: Nobody expects the command line UI! Our two chief weapons are surprise, enforcing game logic / UI separation and the almost fanatical devotion to stdout!

Q: This website sucks. Can I make a better one?
A: Help is appreciated. CSS and Javascript are not. Website project page is here.