1oom is a Master of Orion (1993) game engine recreation. 1oom is Free Software (GPLv2).

1oom requires a copy of the Master of Orion (v1.3) LBX files.

Files and such

Source code: GitLab

git clone https://gitlab.com/KilgoreTroutMaskReplicant/1oom.git
Binaries and tarball available here.

Bonus for hardcore hackers: the disassembly data for IDA 5.0 freeware.




The project is finished. The game is fully playable. Some nifty new features are available.

Operating systems:


Bugs, patches etc

The project is finished. Find a fork or fix it yourself.



Q: Why should I use this instead of v1.3?
A: There are some UI, game and customizable differences you may be interested in.

Q: I use Windows. How do I install this?
A: Extract the zip somewhere and copy your MOO1 LBX files there. Then run 1oom_classic_sdl1 (or _sdl2, whichever works better for you).

Q: The game crashed or did something weird. What do I do?
A: Find a fork and see if it has fixed the bug.

Q: cmdline... ?
A: Nobody expects the command line UI! Our two chief weapons are surprise, enforcing game logic / UI separation and the almost fanatical devotion to stdout!

Q: This website sucks. Can I make a better one?
A: No.

Q: Is this project dead?
A: The project is finished. The author is dead.