How to get lbxview to work

The first time one tries to run 1oom_lbxview_* it most likely does not start. The following message is put to the log:

!! You need a 8x8 1bpp font (2048 bytes) file to use this program.
!! If you have one ready elsewhere, use -font FILE.BIN to use it.
!! If you have DOSBox and base64;
!! 1) Generate a font dumper:  (source in doc/ext/fontdump.asm)
!!  echo uDARtwPNEAa6MwExybQ8zSFyGonDuQAIieoftEDNIXIMOch1CLQ+zSGwAHMCsAG0TM0hci5iaW4A | base64 -d > fontdump.com
!! 2) Run fontdump.com in DOSBox to generate the font file r.bin.
!! 3) Run lbxview again with -font r.bin

If step 1 is impossible due to missing base64 program, download the font dumper with a right-click-save-as here.

Step 2 requires DOSBox (or real DOS). If you have the MOO1 LBX files, you should be familiar with DOSBox already.

An alternative to step 3 is to copy/rename r.bin to the data directory (where your LBX files reside) as romfont.bin.